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Marriage Dosh
Jatinder Sharma
Jul 11, 2023

In many cultures around the world, astrology plays a significant role in shaping people's lives, especially when it comes to important life events like marriage. According to traditional astrological beliefs, the alignment of celestial bodies at the time of one's birth can influence various aspects of life, including love, relationships, and marital harmony. While many people believe in the positive effects of favorable astrological combinations, there is also a notion of "Marriage Dosh" or "Marital Dosha" that suggests negative astrological influences on marriage. In this blog, we'll delve into the concept of Marriage Dosh, explore its origins, common types, and discuss ways to address these influences to pave the path for a harmonious married life.

Understanding Marriage Dosh:

In Vedic astrology, the concept of Marriage Dosh revolves around the belief that certain unfavorable planetary positions can create obstacles and challenges in a person's married life. These doshas are believed to be the result of past karmic influences and are used to assess the compatibility between two individuals before marriage. The presence of a Marriage Dosh in one's astrological chart is often considered a potential risk to marital happiness and could lead to disputes, conflicts, and even the breakdown of the relationship.

Common Types of Marriage Dosh:

Mangal Dosha (Mars Dosha): One of the most well-known doshas, Mangal Dosha is believed to occur when Mars is positioned in certain houses of the natal chart. It is often associated with potential issues related to temperament, health, and compatibility, especially if both partners have Mangal Dosha.

Nadi Dosha: Nadi Dosha arises when the birth charts of the partners have the same Nadi (constellation). This dosha is believed to bring challenges in health and progeny, and astrologers usually advise extra caution before proceeding with such a match.

Bhakoot Dosha: Bhakoot Dosha is caused when the Moon signs of the partners are in certain combinations, creating tension and conflicts between them. This dosha is believed to affect emotional harmony and financial stability.

Gana Dosha: Gana Dosha occurs when the Ganas (categories) of the partners do not match. It is believed to impact the temperament and personality compatibility between the couple.

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